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PalsySqd Holding it down Mass pk 8/4/16

Offline Yuri

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  • Characters: Akemi, Yuri
  • Faction: Apollumi
Full clip of the mass Pk of ArtofWar, ArchEnemy, Tyrants, Appolumi, etc

Full version of how it was first started than any other versions of Mord cut version of them being constantly wipe by us at start.

Either way was a good pk just very delay lag

Online Aleх

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  • Faction: Conflate
24mins.. no thanks man , good video bye ;-; 

Offline ★Trinity★

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PalsySqd #1  :police: :police: 

nice video  :-*

Offline löl

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Why are we so good and talented

Offline Jessa

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  • Faction: 0FkGiven

Avy & Siggy by Bre

Online Sekseirse

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pk looks fun too bad i missed it  :'(

Offline Yuri

  • Forever Making Maddies
  • Characters: Akemi, Yuri
  • Faction: Apollumi

Offline Sinthink

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  • LF Personal ep
  • Characters: Sinthink
  • Faction: PalsySqd
was good pk . sadly i had to go mid of it ...
also nice vid

Offline HughJass

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Awesome video, didn't watch it.

Art by Astarotte

Online RM_

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Offline KGB

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* Igor killing wife thats how mad he is*   lmao ok

Offline Incensed

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Incensed Relieved Sevalind Aspectus

Offline Tzatziki

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Nice vid, was fun PK! :police:

Offline Tyroth McGregor

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Awesome video, didn't watch it.
my timing will beat your speed bro
my presicion beats your power.
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