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Remove 700 Vit Requirement from the Dragon Cape


Since people can't change cape while in combat anymore why is it still necessary to have a vit requirement on the dragon cape? People would sacrifice int, chan and dmg if they used the cape anyways. Since the problem with scripting and def camping is solved I think having vit requirement on this cape is unnecessary right now.

(Some support classes need this cape without sacrificing their heals)

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nah id buy one dragon with 4atk engrave and dph with it for extra def in dmg

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nah man, supports have good enough heals with the cape, it's not needed. -

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Activating self destruct sequence.

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remember that time when everyone qqd about 750 vit req LOL
reduce by 50 server like its improved but not perfect
gear lock comes
everyone cries keep vit req lmao

bipolar server gg

OT: -1


nah lol         

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