Epic Perfect World

Conflate vs Apollumi 3-0

Offline Not Alone

  • Exfighter
  • Omens Relinquite spes, ovos intrante...
  • Faction: Conflate

Offline Insanity

  • Sabine♥
  • Faction: Apollumi
looking forward to monday tw gg russia

best game to ever exist

Offline Maxy

  • Greatest
  • Apollumi TW Strategist and Best player
  • Characters: Famine/Brazen
  • Faction: Apollumi Leader
gg guys one of the most fun tws in a while 

Offline bomjiha

  • Old Player
  • Faction: Conflate
looking forward to monday tw gg russia
looking forward to monday tw 4-0

Online Snow

  • better sb than you
  • Characters: Snowmelt
  • Faction: Tyrants
Oh you know where this is going don't you?

Offline Kinsei

  • Old Player
  • Characters: Kinsei
  • Faction: Team69
I only see a WB using hacks with 90k HP in def (tank 1 faction),0 gameplay! 
Agatio... remove all and get back to normal!
I kneel only to God, and I don't see him here!

Offline UchMadara

  • Kismet
  • Characters: UchMadara
  • Faction: Augustine