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PalsySqd vs Artifex,Salvation,XP,Ruthless and ThaClick

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PK Against 5 guilds

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wow bro nice first video 

Offline Azey

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Artifex? wtf :normal-9:
Nice viideo

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My student sora so proud of u finally making plays :police:
ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ilmaooooooooooooo

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Really noob swedish player ..
Jk bro nice video sadly didnt got to kill you today in PK  :normal-37:

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Offline Yuri

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I carried Pk 

nice first video

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Good vid rising youtube star   :tiger-37:

Offline Harry

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I apologise. I have been hunting Pokemon too much to even attempt to accompany you in making such easies.

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getting in that ass like a thousand years of pain

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Rofl any challenge 
Nice video 
If you not with me then you against me

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such a good video sora