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EASiE 2000vs10 still won ops

waIt for 1440 PLEz oooooo09 ks :

zerodeathsbtw o po p

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Dude. TC is winner of mass pks 8)
Good music
this sig is sooooo amazing

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omg john boo xoxoxoxoxoxo good video and best music like always. and i agree i think thaclick won eheheheh

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John when u sing justin bieber to me good video btw scandinavia wins swedes big sux tho 

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TC is nothing but a family of gamers who look after eachother, it is fun pking along side you guys :) see yall soon out on the battle grounds next mass pk.

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Much John, Much op, good video man but stop getting one shot  :police:

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LMAO dude, we were waiting for you guys to come back but you SZ'd after getting fked by Tyrants LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL OMFGGGGGGG IM DYING DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nice video, dude.;)
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The TheUnion is a relentless empire

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better ally apollumi for more efficient teamwork

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Insanity are we winning or losing 
                                                                        When the staff is as cancer as the community l3l.

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better ally apollumi for more efficient teamwork

No one wants to join Angeldawn LOL


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Nice bro good video as always 

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Nice Vid ^-^ I wish I could help a little ;/

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nice video man 

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damn i didnt know TC was backstabbing us and we won that badly :O