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♥♥♥ Happy Birthday/Hyvää syntymäpäivää Royal !!! ♥♥♥

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i was cutting the cake ok
Hyvää syntymäpäivää/Happy Birthday ,
most amazing, wonderful, loving person ever ♥
I wish you alot of fun and the best of all!
Goodluck and continue being most awesome
 :normal-4: :tiger-29: :pig-48:
You are the best! 
ps : ez fgt 3-2 im best wf (u lost btw)
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2nd xD

Happy Birthday cutie and all the best for you! :tiger-29:
Wishing you lots of joy and happiness! :tiger-8: :tiger-48:

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Happy birthday Mari

rofl seby ur homo btw

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happy birthday!

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happy birthday Royal.org!

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Happy Birthday Royal. I hope you enjoy!


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happy birthday noob  :tiger-23:

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Happy Birthday! 

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happy bday hope u have a good one 

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Apart from the truth that you see ,Apart from the truth that you hear ,you read , you feel .
Beyond the truth of the perpetrator and the victim ,there is another truth.
When human transcends, and time loses its meaning.
When it becomes a lifetime ,a thin red line where everything come together and the end meets the beginning ...
This is the Red Circle

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happy birthday boo!! have a great day yh! :-[

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happy birthday mari