Epic Perfect World

PalsySqd winner of DT

Offline Rev the Emperor

  • Outcasts✰
  • Most known PW player across whole PW Community ( I played this game when u were 12, 2008 )
  • Characters: TenEik Bloodfeast Ancestor
  • Faction: Outcasts☆神界
winning more DTs than tyrant and appoluni combine

oops sorry guild slogan


Offline Tom

  • Outcastian
  • Cruel and Cold like winds on the sea.
  • Characters: Gallus Vessels
  • Faction: Outcasts, Das gods

Offline Sofian

  • Old Player
  • Characters: Espio, Saladin, Xqwi
  • Faction: Supreme☆ / Axe☆Group
Easy dt guys 
OC 1#OC 1#OC 1#OC 1#OC 1#OC 1#OC 1#

Offline Doot Doot

  • DokiDoki ❤
  • Doot talk to me or my skeltal ever again
  • Characters: Realmfaomotorboat MoistyForDev Iliasswind DarkDoki TenEikunt zGokiGoki
  • Faction: Outcasts☆
So easy dude lmao. GG Tyrants and Apollumi was easy...

oh btw p.s. did i mention? it was very easy.

Disbanded Gestapo twice in a single week.

Offline Sinthink

  • >.<
  • LF Personal ep
  • Characters: Sinthink
  • Faction: PalsySqd
was easy , no challenge at all

Online Lukas

  • Blonde hair blue eyes
  • Characters: Scumbags
  • Faction: Outcast☆
Win bigger then someones forehead

Offline Rukeli

  • ♚Makeveli♚
  • ✭VIP✭
random quote here with no meaning.

Offline Stroopwafel

  • Spion Detector
  • Characters: Creampied x Lacrima x Realm
  • Faction: Outcasts☆
Gonna write about this victory in my CV so that my future employer knows what a badass I am + rich! !
hi im tea lol

Offline Rukeli

  • ♚Makeveli♚
  • ✭VIP✭
Gonna write about this victory in my CV so that my future employer knows what a badass I am + rich! !
l0l yess me too, good idea goat-chan :-*
random quote here with no meaning.

Offline Drake

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  • Member
Easy like always we have best leader  xd newborn wannabe leaders should pay him ec for lessons xd Out Topic Question : Insanity will you ever 1v1 BadboyWR? XD

Offline The God Feroce

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  • Overpowered Assassin
  • Overpowered assassin
  • Characters: Too many to list
  • Faction: None
I carried it 
Ez pk
If you not with me then you against me

Offline Drake

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  • Member
I carried it
Ez pk
if carried means u got us 1 sec that much u last at their AA then yeah you did xd 

Offline KGB

  • Member
  • Characters: Igor
  • Faction: YouGotRekt

Offline Skazy

  • Mr. Big Ego
  • Jamie ♥
  • Characters: Itachi
  • Faction: ★420★
all pk happen when im away..........

Offline Tyroth

  • King Of The North
  • The Greatest swordsman in the history of mankind
  • Characters: Tyroth / Belgian
  • Faction: HO / Gestapo
OC BABYYY  :normal-42:

mooie video mijn savior :)