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look agatio

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what do you call this?

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kitty stew

he prob meant to pull down his pants and forgot

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This is what is known as an Assassin on Perfect World.  :-X

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I thought the picture was just his sig

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i tried to attatch proof that Cruciatus is my sin and someone stole my account but agatio took my rights away and is refusing to help me

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You shared your account information. Something that is not allowed in this and many other servers accross many games, however, despite them having the fallback of "We warned you, sorry, nothing we can do", they still help the players they can, despite having a damn auto message warning the server every few minutes.

People are too trusting of their accounts. Share if you want, those warnings are there as a fallback in case they can't help the player, but know who you're sharing with.

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if u share it you deserve it

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What is Agatio looking at exactly?

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What is Agatio looking at exactly?
his computer screen man