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Okay, what are the top 3 squishiest classes ( in your opinion). I just need to know.
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Psalms are sweaty
Knees weak, cross is heavy
Vomit on my tunic already
Turning water into spaghetti

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all classes are without script/heal spam, just the matter of gameplay

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and veno in normal form

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I'd say:


-Veno in human form

-Atk mode ep



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nothing is worse than psy in full attack.

変わってしまったことに 変えられないことだらけの 覚えていて 僕のことを

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EA, Psy, Veno.

And lets not forget #1 spot goes to barbs.  :police: /Sarcasm

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Agatio, EvilTouch, Alexypk, Magestic, Chocolate, Dream and Suns were all slain by Balnazar. Keeping scores?

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Always remember who won the last battle & made you disband

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My man over here breaking up relationships cuz lost 2v2 to gods lmao

ET Stop Chaning My SHT or i'ma ddos you

Get Bullied LuL

Gota love a 'Brother' with a criminal record amiright xD