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Who is the best Latin player?

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  • Easy Tw.
  • ★Tyrant, Siege and Savagery God★
  • Faction: ★T★S★S★

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  • Lost 1v1 to Yuri
  • Characters: KrispyKreem
  • Faction: MadArab
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  • Hi.
Lionel Messi is.

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Lionel Messi is.


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  • Characters: Holiness, Kamui
  • Faction: Xpendable, Apollumi

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  • Old Player
  • Characters: Yolocausto,Tircon the god
  • Faction: Outcasts

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  • Denniz
  • Characters: UchMadara
  • Faction: Augustine
why name steal from roid abuse pwi sanctuary xd

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  • DokiDoki ❤
  • Doot talk to me or my skeltal ever again
  • Characters: Realmfaomotorboat MoistyForDev Iliasswind DokiDoot TenEikunt zGokiGoki
  • Faction: Outcasts☆
I can't believe you actually consider yourself good .

Disbanded Gestapo twice in a single week.

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  • 彡Worst Player彡
  • Characters: _Huggles
  • Faction: ~Still The Worst~

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  • Fail
  • Characters: WooD/HaaD
  • Faction: ArchEnemy/Siege <3
Lionel Messi is.