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Who is the best Latin player?

Offline GokuVII

  • ★ Artifex Disbander ★
  • ★Tyrants l Savagery l Triade l Siege★
  • Characters: ★GokuVII l Junior l zGokuVll★
  • Faction: ★T l S l T l S★

Offline SupaHotFire

  • Retired
  • Disbanded T69, Warning, Artifex, Axegroup, Ducks, Apolumi, Tonika, Dream, Agatio and EvilTouch
  • Characters: Chill
  • Faction: Tyrants

Online Agatio

  • Developer
  • Epic Perfect World
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Offline Swink

  • Forum Veteran
  • I'm a motherfckn star boi
  • Characters: Swink

Offline Maxy

  • retired GOD EMPEROR
  • Characters: Famine/HughMungus/Brazen/Rhaenys

Offline Yolocausto

  • avatar
  • Old Player
  • Characters: Yolocausto,Tircon the god
  • Faction: Outcasts

Offline UchMadara

  • Denniz
  • Characters: UchMadara, Angelically
  • Faction: Augustine
why name steal from roid abuse pwi sanctuary xd

Offline Bre

  • ❤ Jessus Christ
  • Leader of Clan Breast
  • Faction: Outcasts☆
I can't believe you actually consider yourself good .

Offline _Huggles

  • 彡Worst Player彡
  • Characters: _Huggles
  • Faction: ~Still The Worst~

Offline WooD

  • Fail
  • Characters: WooD
  • Faction: ArchEnemy
Lionel Messi is.