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[ HELP ] trying to find old account

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Hi guys I had a account with you guys some time ago and I cannot seem to remember the email address I used when I made the Account I do remember the name of my main at the time her name was "Sheeva" she was a Venomancer in the upper 140's ( level wise ) I just need a GM to help me find if she is still on the Server so I can then Find the Email used so I can use the account I was not banned or anything I just took a Brake From the game and for the life of me I cannot remember the name of the Account or the Email...witch is strange to say the lease I just need to know if my account is still good... I have been looking for a player data base where I can search but no luck

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You can try to find her here:

On a serious note, you should post in helpdesk where Agatio could probably get it back for you since I saw others with the same issue and he was able to help them.
However, if the highest lvl is 140, and you aren't too attached to the veno, I would suggest you make a new one since stuff has gotten easier a bit.