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Tyrants vs Server 0 death easy pk

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thanks Marea for the Sig

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  • Just reflecting your attitude.

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  • still a box of music
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That slow mo when Cynix dies tho :police: :police: :police:

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Thanks Mari :*

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  • Tyrants Made same group disband & rq their guilds 4 times we are undefeated #1 guild on pw 4-0ezlul
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Holding 1st + 2nd place in the EPW tournament then comes  MCCCXXXVII in 3rd place 4th Vastness
click 4 saltness

Always remember who won the last battle & made you disband
The unbeatable 6v6 tournament winners get smashed without being able to tick our charms

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That slow mo when Cynix dies tho :police: :police: :police:
cynix doesnt die xDDD 

Talk Sht - Get banged

Domgrath gets smashed Sin v Wb and Sin v Sin LuL

Domgrath Bites The Dust Ea v WB

Another 1 - Psy v WB

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Went out today, missed pk. Tyrants suck.

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:)  I AM BEST BARB...........
What is  God ?

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was fun pk + nice vid  :monkey-4:

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  • Let the games begin! The mysteries disappear and life stands explained.
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good video mayne, looks like destruction been made 

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Is upcoming new PK place?

thanks Marea for the Sig

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Ayeee gf ez pk & nice vid ^^
[12:33:54 AM] THEFT CURRY WITH THA GLOCK: alex brings nothing but problems

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Sad part is I saw you scripted more then 39 times in the first 1 min...............o.o