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Tyrants vs Server 0 death easy pk

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thanks Marea for the Sig

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  • Just reflecting your attitude.

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  • still a box of music
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That slow mo when Cynix dies tho :police: :police: :police:

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  • easy game
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Always remember who won the last battle & made you disband

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That slow mo when Cynix dies tho :police: :police: :police:
cynix doesnt die xDDD 
My man over here breaking up relationships cuz lost 2v2 to gods lmao

ET Stop Chaning My SHT or i'ma ddos you

Get Bullied LuL

Gota love a 'Brother' with a criminal record amiright xD

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Went out today, missed pk. Tyrants suck.

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:)  I AM BEST BARB...........
What is  God ?

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was fun pk + nice vid  :monkey-4:

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good video mayne, looks like destruction been made 

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Is upcoming new PK place?

thanks Marea for the Sig

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Ayeee gf ez pk & nice vid ^^

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Sad part is I saw you scripted more then 39 times in the first 1 min...............o.o