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  • Faction: Outcasts☆
From the creators of the legendary guild of the gods OUTCASTS!
We bring you the next generation of true unrivaled skill....

-~-~- Tired of constantly losing dt/pk? -~-~-
-~-~- Sick of seeing nothing but gray? -~-~-
-~-~- Want to get revenge on who killed you? -~-~-

With our highly experienced leader, your DT/PK win is guaranteed!
For a fee, we will send a squad of our very best catchers to place those
wild animals back on their way. Effective, Quick, and Reliable!


Leader - 10,000 EC
Director - 8,000 EC
Marshal - 6,000 EC
Executor - 4,000 EC
Commissioner - 2,000 EC
Full Party - 15,000 EC

Special Fees:
DT Backstab - 1 DS Neck
Rushed Assistance - 5,000 EC


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100% effective (look at last dt lmfao) Nice work brother  :-*

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Will win you any PvP event you request for a small fee of 1 Chiwen's Scale. You've seen us work, we're the real deal boys. hmu

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Very professional one of the many eyed gods

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  • You think you can put off death? If you kill someone, someone else will kill you...
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ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ilmaooooooooooooo

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Send payment to Paraprincess 

Made by Snoopie

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Someone has too much free time on their hands :-X

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-~-~- Tired of constantly losing dt/pk? (apollumi lol) -~-~-

I Don’t wanna live forever

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Looks like we be getting rich bois  :normal-45: :normal-45: :pig-45: :pig-45: