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Hey everyone. This patch focuses on many aspects of the game. Adds cape engraving, new fashion and flights, some balance updates and a lot of various anticipated fixes. We hope you will enjoy it.

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Full patch notes:

You can now engrave capes (200 EC cost per try):

3 random stats:

New items added:
* New fashion (7 sets for female and 2 for male)
* New flights (6 for Event Tickets and 12 for Flight Tokens, pictures can be found here)
* New mounts (5 for Mount Tokens, pictures can be found here)
* 18 new eye textures (ID 9024-9041 and 9124-9141, pictures can be found here)

Ancient Emblems removed from game:
* Added Ancient Emblems -> EC exchange service to Engrave Forge, 1 Emblem = 3 EC
* 10 Ancient Emblems required for ring engrave replaced with 20 Epic Coins
* Quest rewards containing Ancient Emblems edited: Faction Base Exam now gives 20 Holy Remedies, Nightscream Isle quest: 10 Supply Tokens, Weekly SoT/Aba quest: 3 Super Level Scrolls

Other important changes:
* Ascended Dragon Cape requirement lowered to 700 vit (recraft required at Armors Forge)
* Removed -%requirement from possible unique stat rolls of rank 8 weapons
* The Incacerate drop increased from 8 to 12 Warsong Waistband Inscriptions
* Makeover scroll cooldown reduced to 30 seconds
* Fixed bug with player getting stuck during auto-pathing when trying to jump from mount on flight
* Warsong Bounty Hunter target replaced to Osiris in TT 1-3
* Order of Bravery TW reward exchanges now to 1 Damascene Ore instead of 5 Epic Coins
* Physical attack of Dragon pataka slightly improved (recraft required)

Minor improvements:
* God's Giving exchange service now allows to open base ammo packs much faster
* Cube Rewards for 50th room now give additionally +5 Chrono and Apocalypse Pages
* Rewards from Trivia NPCs slightly improved
* Gods Giving and Banker NPCs added to Elysium Village
* Cooldown time of Loyal Dog pet skill changed to 1 minute
* PV mobs will now follow player until the end of dungeon (unless you lose them out of sight)
* Increased durability of Chaser of Moon to 300 - recraft required at Armors Forge
* Mulberry Heart quest re-enabled  (Magic Shadow Pill reward removed)
* Increased max stack amount of: rank 8 reforge materials and few other items
* Mounts can be used in Rebirth now
* Updated faction icons

Balance changes:

Blademaster related:
* All BM rank 8 weapons now have same str/dex requirements (same like for pike) (reshape required)
* Rank 8 fists now have quite higher chance for -int and attack levels as unique stat
* Dragon/Rank 8 pike phys. attack rebalanced to make it more of a DPH weapon (recraft/reshape required)

Assassin rank 8 update:
+5 attack levels for full set

Dragon Gear updates:
+5 attack levels for full set (all dragon armor types)
+5% phys. damage reduction for full set (arcane only)
-9% ct for full set (light armor only)
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LMFAO ECHO, that banner is golden. I love it lmao
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about time Blade masters  got some loving :D

* Removed -%requirement from possible unique stat rolls of rank 8 weapons
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This is by far the best patch in a very long time. I am so excite.

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Will the new fist rates be updated? I just spent 140k EC on my fists...so Im pretty salty, but it's for the greater good so I'll suck it up.

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is it done yet? cuz mine doesnt move
What's mine is yours and whats yours, well i've probably already had.[except fetti] 
When you get on my OW comp level, let me know fam.

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Put on x2 droooopppsss. 😂😂😂

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Please remove the cape engrave shit ? please? 
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Srsly cape engrave? Patch is beautiful, but please no cape engrave.
harpist or harpissed?

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dont *** up man i rly doubt anyone wants to cape engrave ffs
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eye textures where we can see the new eyes

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dont *** up man i rly doubt anyone wants to cape engrave ffs
It's really not that bad since there's no def option. .-.

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I think attack level on cape should be improved higher, we already have too much defense levels it will just cancel out again.


nvm theres no + def lvl on cape all is fine.
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Ty for patchchchchchchchchhc