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i just started the game i am from PWI  official server had a level 102 rb 2  stormbringer as my main anyway i made  a veno here going be full magic anyone can teach me stuff in game my veno name is MultiDebuffs pls pm me in game cuz thats where im at right now ty in advanced everyone

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You don't belong here.

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You don't belong here.
Dont be rude :( welcome to epic. I dont know much about venos =/

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pm Ti amo he will tell you his rants about what needs nerfs cause he lost to "x" thing needing the "nerf" and will teach you wf c;
Raynor x Kerrigan = Top Ship 2016

[8:16:17 AM] Erelim: Sage supercell true powerhouse
[8:16:23 AM] Mitch: meh I went demon
[8:16:25 AM] Erelim: 127k on kareems cata barb
[8:16:28 AM] Mitch: LUL
[8:16:28 AM] Erelim: Ups
[8:16:30 AM] Mitch: EZ BARB