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Epic Suggestion for epic perfect world and revive the Economy

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We are almost end of the road in this journey , we got decent gears, we put effort to improve skills,we got perfect elements for easy reshapes, we got scripts 
gm made this game more easy,we are thankful for them ,now i want to make a suggestion for everyone, who donate or like to donate,

Suggestion 1. "Custom Title Voucher"
Maybe we don't have any kind of options like this in this server but i believe gms can make it,
so if it is possible we can buy Custom Title Voucher by donation points, ex. 20 or 30 points. 

Suggestion 2. "Weapon Reskin"
this suggestion for those who really wan't to get that stuff but they are fail, so my suggestion is can it is possible to get that by Donation points
ex. 30 or 40 points.

i believe everyone have to deserve those, ultimately we are players, we play for fun, so why many of them miss this fun ?

Eventually, Don't trash talk on this thread , put +1 if u like or -1  :normal-1:   

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+1 and more events please
./.  Farming posts atm

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+1 and more events please
The frequency of events could be boosted indeed 

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sounds good, +1, maybe a bit more expensive since 10 points are like 10k max these days, and tbh paying only 40k on reskin/20k on title wouldnt be fair to ppl that paid more than that,buying them from other players

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Reskins so everyone can be +24? AGATIO YES IT WORKED SO GREAT LAST TIME  :normal-13: :normal-2: :normal-13:

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+1 im got Points <.< from last year

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Reskins so everyone can be +24? AGATIO YES IT WORKED SO GREAT LAST TIME  :normal-13: :normal-2: :normal-13:

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Nah -1 for such customs
Jst make engrave option with ec and add dama discount scaling at forge
3dama 90 ec
100dama 3000 ec (30 each)
200dama 5800ec (29)
400dama 11200 (28 )
600dama 16200 (27)
800dama 22400 (26)
1000dama and above 25 each
So this way "rich people" who have most ec will just buy their sht from forge and kill the huge supply of ec (since many will roll)
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Reskins so everyone can be +24? AGATIO YES IT WORKED SO GREAT LAST TIME  :normal-13: :normal-2: :normal-13:

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i want cool stuff for dona points more :normal-15: :normal-15: :normal-15:

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+1 for reskin please gm  :police:

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LMAO Reskins so everyone can be +24? AGATIO YES IT WORKED SO GREAT LAST TIME :normal-13: :normal-2: :normal-13:
Dont people still have +12 reskinned weapons to this day? Ive always really wanted one but theyve been gone. Having the +24 should just be bannable ;(
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