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Happy birthday Emily(Rumi,Roomi,Xanadu)!

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Omg, i know i'm way too early(even so her bday is tomorrow) but i'm doing that before someone takes my chance to do so.

Happy birthday em! :normal-23: :normal-23: :normal-23: :normal-48: :normal-48: :normal-48: :normal-29: :normal-29: :normal-29:

Wish you the best always, eat alot on this special date and i'd love to thank you for everything you helped me with... I hope our friendship stay strong as always. :normal-4: :normal-48:

Your gift(Sorry if im too newbie). :(

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Happy birthday! Have a nice one.  :police:

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happpy birthdayyyyyyyyy
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Happy birthday mine brother!

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happy birthday idol  :pig-23: :tiger-48:

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HBD - Just remember, Snitches Get Stitches! 
My man over here breaking up relationships cuz lost 2v2 to gods lmao

ET Stop Chaning My SHT or i'ma ddos you

Get Bullied LuL

Gota love a 'Brother' with a criminal record amiright xD