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Faster Way To Open Base Arrow Packs

Offline Doopa

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As is right now you have to right click them one by one, which can be time consuming. I'm sure some people probably set an auto-clicker, but that's just not me.

Maybe we can have a quest or a God's Giving exchange to exchange them for arrows/bolts/etc quickly?

Offline Chronicle

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Or just have 1 arrow =  1 cont in the base manager  or something

Offline kitty stew

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I asked Aga about this a few weeks ago, having to open like 600-800 packs on ~ 65 toons (over 17 million arrows)

even using Ez Macros to auto open it (still had to switch toons every time I was done), it still took like a week to finish

Aga said he'd look into it, but doubt there was any looking into

Online Agatio

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I will add exchange 10 regular packs  = 10k arrows/bolts/shots
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Add a method for 100 reg packs = 100k arrows, cuz you know some out there gunna have it