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Help pleeeease

Offline EliverEee

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Heya, I currently tried to download the game but it stopped halfway through, so I downloaded another version and tried to update it to epic perfect world and it seemed to work...but when I try to load the game it says "current version is unable to update please go to official website and download patches"...i've clicked on all the patches and downloaded them all but it still doesn't work :S

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance.
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Offline Zoey

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What version of PW did you update to EPW? It only works with 1.5.1 versions.
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Have you tried Verifying the files? If that doesn't work, then download the Patcher instead of the full game, then just replace the patcher files with your client's, and if it's 1.5.1 it should work . It's still a little large in size but other than file verification it's probably the only advice I can give you.

Offline Agatio

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Should be fixed now, please try again. Alternatively run patcher and hit Verify button.

Offline EliverEee

  • Stroppy-Leigh
I managed to get it working.

thank you all, very much.

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