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Report. (idk where the report topic sorry)

char name: TagaPaslanG
anyone pls ban the player..
reason: afk vortex and still killing the "ONE" quest mob.

kitty stew

you as an archer cant ks a level 110 seeker?


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It's against the rules of the game to kill a mob?  :rolleyes:

Seriously though, it's a 110 in water gear, just take the agro from it? 

kitty stew

I went to the coordinates and the mob that seemingly spawns is Fall Demon Avatar with 4k hp, spawns every 15 seconds after it dies

so likely the 110 one shots the mob.. but the thing is, an archer who is fast enough can ks a seeker, I know this because I did it so many times with mine over seekers in those city events (snowmen, the halloween event, etc.)

then there are other tricks if the person is dumb enough to have protections off (they are outside city so transformation stick wont work, but psychic friendly stun might -- spirit phalanx?)

either way, shouldn't be necessary whining about this :/

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Post this on Helpdesk the next time please.
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No wonder that seeker deserves perma ban