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Daily Activities?

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Can someone please tell me what daily activities that give the most benefits atm and what they give.

Thank you.

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delta give 10 Perfect elements last time I heard and can be done twice? I think per day
BH1 is 30 ST and 2 PE
UCH idfk who pves that much
FSP coins that can be traded for s+cards pack or dragon blood stones
HDD 2 Pe 1 dragon jade 50 Dragon blood
Arabella best pocket heals guys!

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Perfect Element Rewards:

Delta/GV - 20 with daily quests. 2 times a day. 10 without daily (+tome frags).
BH1 - 2 each. once a day (+coins, 30 supply token, 30 Epic Coins)
BH2 - 4 each, once a day (+ 5 damascene ores, 1 level scroll, 1 ether pill)
HDD - 2 each, up to 3 times a day (+ dragon blood stones)
FSP - 10, once a day (+ flowsilver coins)
UCH - 8-14, once a day

I think.....

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My fav is Uch  :normal-8:

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2 times GV per day , 40 ep , also i think 6 pe for 3x HDD ez to get too :)

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