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I'm one of the few people who actually likes to use these, but the 100 durability means they break after one PK session.

Could they be boosted to 300+ durability like R8R?


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these hoes aint shit

kitty stew

I use it in a few instances, like on my barb when alone in a NW CTF to run flag over 11m/s w/flag (14m/s w/o)

I think it should be boosted to lvl 18 armor (for durability and shards) and shardable (no refines), not like ppl can get op from speed

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I agree with this, I mostly use them for instances/running around the map since running at 11 m/s is entertaining to my small brain. Also, I can run to the end of GV faster than most people without holy path. 

I think it should be boosted to lvl 18 armor (for durability and shards) and shardable (no refines), not like ppl can get op from speed
I agree with this, half the time I'd use it instead of my r8 boots to mess with people in pk. 
Inb4 people that QQ about people getting away too fast cause they run at speed of light. 
O-X-Y I'm moron.

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-1 for destroy ecnonomies.
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I'll +1 this simply cause ZOOM ZOOM. 

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+1 don't think it would hurt.
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-1 i npced my boots for this month, wait till i get new boots next month then +1- didnt know they can make you run that fast

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