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Well like usually our pk's they start from little as we were doing small pk against Ruthless (welcome back btw always a pleasure to have you around) at their afk spot. Then oddly, god knows how but we started hearing those quacking sounds from the distance and for sure it was Ducks on their way. I am in fact very confident they came there to pk vs Ruthless but ended up pking against us. Well it was a lot of fun, thank you for providing us such priviledge to pk against a faction like Ducks.

Thank you Mord for awesome recording and I complement you on your music choice especially the one in the very end, fits like a glove :D

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thought ArchEnemy pk's only on forums keklmaofel
nice deaths there Tyroth :-* kissy kissy hunny bunny :-*
Drink my drinky drink.

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Ty for posting and yea hate target went hard qq

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That feel when your video quality and editing is better than 98% of Apos videos. I swear it's like they just record and stack it together like "HEY GUYS LOOK WHAT I DID" trash tier videos lmao. Nice video dude.

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Disclaimer: No Ducks were harmed in the making of this video. :pig-43:

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Florin :
He played with the wrong lollipop

a feta by fetaris

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looked like fun pk !  :normal-42:

The light says hi, and that you're safe with us

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Why is your face so broken?7

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Haha ty for those awesome comments xD

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Many h8 target
Such pk

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Siggy & Avy by Bre

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So i see some Mad ducks well i got an answer on your pics i am a bm whitout EP or barb im meant tot cc not kill the part of no skill i am the one asking for 1v1 i dont ran away ( paulo  ;) )
Wanna see my skill then show up and your eggs to the 1v1 till that time stfu
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