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TW Ducks vs AE,AOW,SF and HG 5/21/16

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Here's a vid from EP view :> , ended the vid a bit too early <.> but hope you enjoy <3 and gj fellow duckies.

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a feta by fetaris

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Cool video Aya! really enjoyed it and the music as well!GJ Quacks!!! :tiger-35:

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Good job Biene Maya :normal-37: Luckily there wasn't much work for the eps this time
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Nice video Aya! Such op ep  :normal-35:

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leuke video jij belg :D 
keep up the good work  ;)

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Already told you i enjoyed it. Keep them coming.
Oh and next tw focus heals on me again as this one :P

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Glad you decided to post a vid Aya, yours are the only ep pk videos I have ever watched all the way through.

You should post your DT video... Dat music :pig-34:

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haha thanks guys ya'll sweet <3  :tiger-23:

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  • great one
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The fck 4v1 .... gj Maya gz ducks