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Ducks TW vs AE/AOW/SF/HG! CC Squad POV

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Here it is! How the TW's looked like from the CC Squad! I did joined all the TW's but i cut the part of me going in SF because i literally entered and left again. Thank you for TW's and see u next time!

Hope you enjoy it! :tiger-35:

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2:42 "Earthguard complete" I lul'd. Nice video, guy.
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Chiki chiki :tiger-25: Great work from the CC pts. You're  pure savage tho ???
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8.09 Im fucking done :normal-2:

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I think Ducks are best, yes? yes.  :normal-48:

8:10-8:31....best 21 seconds of my life, ty.

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If anyone wants the chiki chiki song...
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7:55 "you look fabulous"

LOOOOL XD Very nice lol

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the ending though.. my ears  :normal-12:

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Ez tw.. and i missed it cause i sleep 2hrs before tw.. :normal-27: :normal-27: :normal-20:
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"I`m a star now" LOL

10/10 flute mastery at the end.

Thank you for TWs all :normal-48:
♡ 18.03.2011 ♡

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lala the suicide bomber!,best pt lead :police:
that ending though :normal-12:
Florin :
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Nice video and that ending wtf teach how xD!!!
Lucy my lovely wifu! <3

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LOOOOOL nice video dude you went rebel  :rolleyes: fun tw and op cc squad  :police: First song is too good

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