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Make use of lower level instances

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Fb 19-79 caves are pretty much useless here, why not put different looking pv mobs in them, so that lower levels can have fun doing pv. +1/-1
harpist or harpissed?


49/51, 59 & 79 aren't useless, But yeah, the others can use a revamp.

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Add rare id stones drop by bosses GN ty
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+ please add cooler looking mobs, all right now are dull and boring 
My man over here breaking up relationships cuz lost 2v2 to gods lmao

ET Stop Chaning My SHT or i'ma ddos you

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Gota love a 'Brother' with a criminal record amiright xD

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+ please add cooler looking mobs, all right now are dull and boring
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+1, PvE is our future :police:

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+1 same pv instances for 4 years. pure cancer.
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Maybe increase drops in FC too,