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hate cringy weebs

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  • You think you can put off death? If you kill someone, someone else will kill you...
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4 or 5 wins in a row? Or maybe more? 

Easy win!! Give me DS fking noob team

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nice editing LOOOOOOOL, very fun dt guys, btw tyrant do u want to make deal to team up and exterminate cockroaches ( ducks ) every pk and dt before we kill each other 

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Making me proud team! GG
:monkey-48: :monkey-48: :monkey-48:

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My team winnered everything everywhere everytime

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OP intro, Nice video,and open chat is terrific :police:


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Lurking forum from time to time, lul

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Awesome edit and easy DT! Nice one

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[email protected] pk was so easy i was eating sour skittles oh my god

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Good DT, nice video as usual stupid btch 

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I'll be honest, this type of ambiance where we're easily interrupted by a single side faction is horribly annoying.

It'll be fun once we reach TW :-) No interruptions!