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Give Incentive To Running Lower Instances

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For example, Frostcovered City (FCC) is nice for experience, but it's garbage compared to PV. Having just one thing to do to level up or early levels isn't all that fun and it's just repetitive. Change it up a bit.

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incentive to running FCC → can make primal gear for 140 → which leads to nirvana at 145 awwwww

anyways meh wifey seems to enjoy pve may as well +1

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+1. Might be able to make Primal Gear then Nirvana, but.. that'll only last you.. not long.
I agree with this 100%. 
Even if you make it just like a duplicate of PV, but with a change of scenery, I'd be happy. Change level/exp/spirit/hp of the mobs in the instances to PV levels ez. 

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Of course +1 from me ^^
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+1, Pv becomes repetitive and FSP just hurts my eyes ;p

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As long as it's not fb39, sure.  :-X

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+1 cause everyone doesn't want to pvp, and PV takes longer for magic classes

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i got terminal cancer reading this thread

-1 who the hell PvE's

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i got terminal cancer reading this thread

-1 who the hell PvE's
but who still plays wb as well?

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As long as it's not fb39, sure.  :-X

+1 though
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As long as it's not fb39, sure.  :-X
Why not 39? ):