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Allimentatie & Hasnae - 1v1's

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>w< veri nice bro.

Black X6, phantom. White X6 looks like a panda.  Hehe.

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Nice video man 

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+1 good suggestion

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oh boooy damn is ur vid card almost burned out or whas it edite whas nice tought but just asking hehe

nice vid bro OP music i enjoyed watching keep it up whas fun to see mf :)

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ye man was testing around ... but didnt work well idc tho...................

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ayy you are goodie i think dude kiss
really nice vid man, enjoyed music as always ;)

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NiCe One👍🏻

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warning: 12:00 = u r done 

good fights mang, but damn u should work on editing   :normal-37:

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Nice video bro enjoyed watching. Gotta work on those blackscreens though XD