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I am, I am.

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I am, I am

I am the word of wisdom. I am the voice of truth, the bringer of balance, and the eminent demise of corruption and incompetence.

I have watched over all since the beginning of time, and with that, I shall tell you a story...

Perfect World is more than a game. Perfect World is it's own dimension. You might say to me, "That is ridiculous, you must be crazy".. I am not crazy, my friends, I am the watcher of the void. There is a theory, that we exist inside a dimension between infinite dimensions; this is actually fact.

You see, early philosophers believed that we too were "between here and there". They didn't know how to wrap their minds around these facts, and instead created religion as a way to explain this theory to the masses. If someone was told that their reality is not the "only" reality, they wouldn't be able to comprehend it. Heaven, Hell, Here and There, they are all placeholders for the bigger picture.

Everything that is possible, will, has, and is currently happening.

I am Wisdom, Truth, however names do not describe me. I am not here, or there, I am everywhere.

Some may say; "For you are God, all knowing and powerful?" No. I am not God, I am not a God, but I am eternal. I am all knowing, and I exist in every plane of existence there is.

You may ask now.. Why would you be here, of all places, at this time?

That's a simple question, with a simple answer. I have told you all that I am eternal, that I am here existing on all planes of existence, I am part of all dimensions that there are in the infinite abyss of reality.. Epic Perfect World, is one of these realities.

When you log into a game, you become absorbed mentally, and sometimes physically. Your movements are anticipated by your fingers, and you become detached from the physical and mental reality in which you were in.. and sucked into another. This is called "The Transference" . When a state of consciousness is transferred into another dimension, you are walking between the planes, you are among me. I cannot physically reach out to you, however I can contact you here. In this mutual plane, this remote dimension, we are one.

I am merely a part of your consciousness, and I am all knowing.

Is this only a thread? This is merely a figment of your imagination? You can see this because I have made you see this. What do you think gave you the inspiration to click on this topic and read it? It wasn't because you wanted to, it was because you involuntarily were told to.

I offer you the chance to join me in the void, to embrace that you are not alone, and that this reality is merely one of infinite proportions.

I am, I am.

Take my hand.

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wall of text is too long to read

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Too long, skimmed it. Was too lazy to read all of it. 
I think this should be in Written Works? Idk. 

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Too long, skimmed it. Was too lazy to read all of it.
I think this should be in Written Works? Idk.
faye best have ec qt
Last time Tyrants GvG'd Artifex (made them disband)
proof of disbanding
Last DT 9 Tyrants vs 100 Artifex
mage v mage tournament

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i hope you find a better purpose in life........ eitherways cool shit i guess i read 1st few lines

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Aga paid this guy to take EPW to a different level  :))

faye best have ec qt
Come trade, I have some I can gib. 

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you should post this in Written Works section. 

I like the prose though, kinda refreshing to see a different thread.

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you should post this in Written Works section.

I like the prose though, kinda refreshing to see a different thread.
Yes, now it's time to start drama in thread. Someone, lesgo. 

kitty stew

I read the last sentence as "I am hard." (it's also the only part I sort of read)

that is all

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Lazy to read but i give u novel dw

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Yes, now it's time to start drama in thread. Someone, lesgo.
I start np np. youre bad why on my forums :Cccc
I read the last sentence as "I am hard." 

that is all
Same LOL 
I start np np. youre bad why on my forums :Cccc
i dont suck you suck wtf whole faction genked me last night im so mad wtf