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is it better for assassins to use mdef puzzle and pdef ws or both mdef puzzle and ws in mass pvp and rpk? and is it better to use ds in atk mode if i script?

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Use a DS for attack if you script, other than that mix one phy defense and one mag defense ornament.
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puzzle is better for sin unless you script and can afford to lose the 5 def and 5% hp o3o

don't think it matters if you use elem neck and phys belt or phys belt and elem belt either way you will be squishy af

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Overall just using a puzzle cube will be good

I see very-very few sins that actually attempt to use DS these days

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As a sin on this server, both mdef/pdef ornaments are suggested so you're never at a handicap

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use Puzzle Neck OFC you will be die in first stun ...
when you will be script you need 2x DS ( 1x MDEF & 1x PDEF )
BUT Puzzle Too ...
Normaly only demon Sins Use DS and Sage Sins Puzzle Neck because
Sins need DEF ( you have Dmg with 3.33 base r8 ) you dont need more, BUT 3.33 base = 0 % DEF
trust me use Puzzle and try to make ( 75 DEF + ) sins have already dmg with there Intervall and there wep 
you need to make atk, def, Gof and you will be save 
DS ? is useless all think ATK ATK ( DMG ) but still died in first stun lock