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8-9k reshapes approx for all pieces
Some have 1.8k some 2k+ so 4pieces  kinda that
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0.0690807104% I think, could be wrong.
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Basically it is luck dependent anyway.
Calculating % won't give you much - some people manage to get lets say 3x int wrists withing few tries. But as you can imagine - simply it is not easy to get those stats and it takes lot of time, so you would have to spend (probably because as I said - depends on luck) lot of r8 mats.

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3x casting on ea is hard to get.
i'Ve spent +20k dama and no 3x yet. u'll get 50-60 2x casting each time u try rolling on ea, but getting 3x is soo hard.
if u lucky enough u may get 3x with few tries, but if u'r not lucky, u should just deal with 2x.
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0.0690807104% I think, could be wrong.
Did maths for top only and it's 0,0395% if my phone calculator is correct xd