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i need help wiith primal quest

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hai there

i have a problem where by after my char reach lvl 150, the primal quest 'messanger xxx' (i didnt recall the exact quest name) didnt auto appear in my quest list. Because of that i unable to increase my mirage/arcane lvl to learn primal skill. 

Anyone have been through the same problem like me? can u kindly suggest me what to do?

thx n sory for my bad grammar ^_^

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It should be a purple quest that requires you to talk to General Summer. Summer Reawakened, if im not mistaken.
This quest is missing?

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yeah that quest is missing

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It's not necessary to be level 150 to get the quest. It should look like this in your quest log:

Look for any other quest with this color, it might be that you've already done part of it. Following quests could be called:
  • Primal World Messenger
  • Door to Primal World
  • The Worldspire
  • At the Worldspire
  • Archosaur Student
Enter the Primal World to check if you get any pop-up with a purple color, like these:
  • Sacred World (First)
  • Reflection
  • Into the Arcanum
  • Energy
  • Feel the Power Inside
  • Flow of Power
  • Flow of Heart and Soul
  • Fill Your Body
  • Peace Fills the Body
  • Enlightenment
  • Enlightened by the SW
  • Boundary Break
  • Reflection
  • Energy
  • Flow of Power
  • Fill Your Body
  • Enlightenment
  • Mirage Sky Calling
Also, press C and look under your portrait to see if there is any text there:

Did you check all of these? If the quest is still missing, as basic as it sounds, try relogging.
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