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Arrived late to this event, oh well. Don't know what I was doing anyway. 

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HA 1ST!!!! even tho rusty still godo mago bro  :police:
ty for ds faction! :3
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Guess who's back, back again

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noob loser

jk ur the best xoxo

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Nice song
Still bad tho

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who were we fighting again I forgot lmaeou
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good fight guy was fun week of spamming everyone everyday paid off we finally had 60 online guys

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Nice Video, nice song :o

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Nice video still really noob Subby  :police:

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good video man , music not my style

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good video man, u did good

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good video enemy so easy when its not 3:1 outnumber they had 20 more with another 10 wrs still lost
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tyrants already cried to butthead to get 10 more not enough they get smashed while outnumbering LMAO nice vid ^_^