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Just wondered if anyone thinks that there should be a conversion of some sort between the new perfect elements. I was thinking of a forge that converts a certain amount of perfect elements to a tradeable element. Many people do the ares event, morai event, BH and even trials on more than one character. People are being left with valuable reshaping materials on accounts that do not have rank 8 characters making them useless.

 Don't want any drama just a simple +1/-1 and if so how many should convert to a tradeable element.

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Perfect Elements were made so that they couldn't be traded in the first place, which was one of the biggest issues with the amount of dama's gained from Trials.

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That is why I said a certain amount of the perfect elements should be converted to one singular tradeable one. Assuming the conversion rate was 5-1 then trials would only be giving you 8 dama per trial which is only 2/3 of what trials was in the first place. I have so many accounts that have perfect elements that I can't do anything with.

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-1 for obvious reasons.
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why do i even waste time to write -1?
The moment when haters become fans *rofl*

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-1 for obvious reasons

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-1, it takes away the point of elements.
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-1 for very obvious reasons.

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Didn't think anyone would agree but worth a shot since alt accounts are left with valuable materials that I can't do sht all with lol

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Would be nice if we could exchange them for maybe pots or emblems , since we are not getting any emblems from ares anymore

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why do i even waste time to write -1?

Is called post farm m8

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fcckiing stupid threads everwhere

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I mean, I get why you'd want this. Not everyone has a use for PEs but no still. If you did that you might as well make STs into PEs and remove the confusion. 


Quality post.  :normal-42: :normal-42: :normal-42:
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