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Help : Voting Gold does not arrive in my account

Offline jhezronald

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Hello Admin

Please help me i keep voting but the gold does not arrive in my account.

Username: jhezronald
char name: boogle


Force log out of the game, and force log back in. Wait 15 minutes without switching characters OR logging off; if nothing happens AFTER 15 minutes, post on the Helpdesk.

Offline jhezronald

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Still  nothing happen, the gold does not arrive to my character .

i hope this will be fix because i planning to buy  a event gold.


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Are you certain that nobody else has voted from the same IP? It could prevent the gold from arriving.
Did you vote without getting any errors/issues? Did you make sure you entered the captcha? Also, do you get the countdown on the voting site afterwards?
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Offline jhezronald

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Yes i voted using different IP and different Computer
And i vote without getting any error. and i did not received any error and there is a countdown of 6 hours after i vote.
i voted 2x yesterday and 2x today but i did not receive any gold.

Please help me.

Thank you

PS. please see my attached file for screenshot of voting countdown.

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Offline Stille

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Hello. I see only one vote made on that account (on two toplists). So you should have 4 Gold on your account. Please check now.