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Buy my art >//< - Need info

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Please read below

  • I'll be doing only chibi's and yes i'll include couple/edate chibis this time since I've had many people ask me for them  
  • I'll randomize to make it fair for everyone so post below if you'd like one
  • No examples of chibi's atm sorry but here's an example of my art x

. reserved
2. Lara - Couple chibi w pet
3. Removed
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Will close tomorrow sometime around this time so everyone's got time to comment

Please keep in mind that i'll probably experiment with the chibis
Idk how many rounds i'll do
no complaining about price
be patient because it might take me a few days or even weeks to finish (drawing takes time)
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Thank you cannot wait :) . I have heard good things about your art xxx

Let me know when you want my info.
Thank you aw
I'm sorry but you didn't get in this round, it was the first two people only  :( I might do another one so maybe you'll get luckier !

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