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Teach every1 script

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                                                      IGNORE IF U WANT this like the 100th script thread?
So you cant advertise script or post guides on script on forum, but there are videos of scripts which somehow cant be traced to tell who did it when the videos are right there.. logic?
So why not teach every1 how to change 5-18 gear pieces in 1 click
Like ? ? ? i gotta click all this sht to change 5pieces n some noob can just change 18pieces with 1click n they are now good ? ? ?
So agatio since you "can't" remove script, give regular players a script guide
JUST GOOGLE SCRIPT- Id prolley fk up my pc if i tried to follow one of those guides nty
I havent seen sht done except a few pointless nerfs and fashion
all u gotta do is give us a way to script n not risk fucking pcs

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There are 2 script guides on the forums at the moment.

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