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Happy birthday Angela(Squishy).

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Happy bday to the cutest, master ep, best lux, nami and rengar ofc... I hope you eat ALOT and that you have great day lady. :normal-23: :normal-23: :normal-4: :normal-4:

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Happy birthday bro many weaboo pillows

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happy birthday Angela , have a good one   :normal-25: :normal-25: :normal-25:

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omg >////< I carry you on rengar again

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happy birthday  :-*
random quote here with no meaning.

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Happy birthday  :normal-23:
"Then I see him running madly through fields, the realisation of just what price he has unwittingly paid hanging like a tragedy mask from his face. He falls to his knees before the town he called home-- now a dark circus of screams. Hers is among them, but he can do nothing to stop it.

What a weak, despicable man he is. But I am not he. I am Reaver. And I will sleep much better after this chalice of wine."

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happy birthday

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Happy bday Squishy.net :normal-23:
Nea: this is proof of my power abuse mwahaha
proof of how noob u are

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Happy Birthday Idol  :pig-23:
Ty Mai & Erelim
I love seans cum
Nice Melody.

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Happy bday to the cutest, master ep, best lux, nami and rengar ofc... I hope you eat ALOT and that you have great day lady. :normal-23: :normal-23: :normal-4: :normal-4:
please no....
happy bday btw man

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Happy Birthday! :normal-23:

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Happy Bday noob Angela , still suxer >////< weeaboo

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gz on getting closer to 80