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Time for 2x drop and exp

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I think this is time for 2x drop and exp  ... server is so empty this days so I think this will back some ppls and fill server againe 
What do u think guys? 
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Offline Neve

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That wouldnt solve anything, the people that would log just for that would just be on farming alts anyways, still no pk, however agatio did say we will have a few days of 2x in a week or two.
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 Yup just wait for it. >Here<   :-X

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Most stupid part is 2x
Pk goes even worse, all ppl log for ec and damas reroll get emo and log at next 2x
Instead of adding 2x make instance to farm weekly or such and dont ruin the pvp, easy


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This is a private server we should have perma 2x :normal-12:
The moment when haters become fans *rofl*

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OTF they ridin for sosa

No one wants to join Angeldawn LOL


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come back after a year or so away and this is the first thing i see in forums

Offline Zoey

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4 days of 2x in 1 or 2 weeks, still to be decided
Not that necessary to make server "alive", though, since some people won't have pk to log on for.
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