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New video and stuff, also featuring one of the new lightsabers coming in the next patch,
Enjoy zzz, also no spark couse too lazy to get it.
Also, music is copyrighted so you're only able to see the video on a computer  :-X
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Wew that UI is edited like crazy took me 2 min to figure out where is HP bar and other stuffs lol and nice video, the skin looks great 

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wow many. how are you so loser...i mean cool weapon :police:wow songs

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Nice  one,idk how u can play with that UI  ;D

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Nice  one,idk how u can play with that UI  ;D
this e.e 

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The UI looks hard to get used to but very unique once you are, nice video. ^-^
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too excited for the new patch because of this.  :-[
Btw, nice vid. :)

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great video brother, send ui pls
teeny weeny string bikini

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-waiting for next patch- '-'

Also nice video , Dani , you still suck :police:

Offline Noki

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good video music and gameplay that ui + that custom sword dayum.

Online Seby

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Ugly as f*ck ui but sword nice
Any bow with laser instead of string
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Online Snow

  • better sb than you
  • Characters: Snowmelt
  • Faction: Tyrants
Yeah I like having all the info I need on one place which wont require me to constantly look around.

Ugly as f*ck ui but sword nice
Any bow with laser instead of string
Sadly the only two classes not being included in my * lightsaber project* are EA's and Psy's, (I did make a laserbow but It didnt quite make it to the final cut), with that being said, lightsaber daggers look the coolest imho.  :police:

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Still waiting on my UI :)
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the ui is meh and most peoples u been fighting i never seen in my life, but i watched all and enjoyed it 

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nice video snow (: that ui would of took me ages to get used to but its unique nicee!
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