Epic Perfect World

Banned my account.

Offline Mukii.

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  • Desing Master - Steam: /Zolikad69
  • Characters: Mukii
i am playing epw 2 years. and i still funny in global chat, TT other mats/serv. "funny feelings."

thank you the 10k min. ban GM.

by: ZoleXD.


Offline Zoey

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  • Characters: Zoey, Blue
  • Faction: Xpendable
"Then I see him running madly through fields, the realisation of just what price he has unwittingly paid hanging like a tragedy mask from his face. He falls to his knees before the town he called home-- now a dark circus of screams. Hers is among them, but he can do nothing to stop it.

What a weak, despicable man he is. But I am not he. I am Reaver. And I will sleep much better after this chalice of wine."