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Colorblind Barbarian Gameplay- They call me Vit Build

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Hey guys,
here comes my new video. I had footage for prolly 3 more hours of pk lmao but video was already getting long.
All clips are from after the patch (but first one, you will notice in intro). While i agree on the ring restriction for 1v1, in mass pk barbs are actually having a really hard time now, dont even wanna imagine what is gonna happen in TW...
Anyways no ego, no hate- enjoy

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Coz noob  :normal-37:

Great gameplay, Florin. :normal-3:  And the vid is nice, but a bit to long imo. And I am more into mass pk PoV. :normal-27:
Intro and music are awesome.  :normal-42:  Give tracklist please. :normal-46:

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Indeed lmao, now go watch it lmaoo
awesome video :333
Thx bro
Coz noob  :normal-37:

Great gameplay, Florin. :normal-3:  And the vid is nice, but a bit to long imo. And I am more into mass pk PoV. :normal-27:
Intro and music are awesome.  :normal-42:  Give tracklist please. :normal-46:

Ye i had the few mass pk recorded that happened since patch. But no1 wants to see half of the vid sitting in sog XD. Thx a lot for the comment :)
Ima give tracklist later

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 :normal-42: Cool video, enjoyed watching, 10/10 would buy, but for perfection it has to have a Baderis in it.
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As much as Wbs qq the "nerf" as you call it happend to every class
Either its opposite ring, def cape loss or less damage (LA's case) something happend for good
Idk why u complain of def loss
Atm wb tanks genie spark just fine aswell as everything else
As for veno soul link
That hits through anything hard(ignores immunes and all) thats not even to be put as proof of wb's "low def"
I see u tanking 4-6EAs without a problem and all of them seem to be insta  cast (thing other wbs cough complained of haha ye)
Only sht ppl  qq of is that wbs/any calss  cant sit and tank ?
As for mass pk, not like u dont have a set of skills to use to survive
Overall ok video 
The dph boost is kinda nice, some 25k's through buffs
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What a hacker gameplay gof crits every 2hits good pk video m8  8)

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Was easieeee jk , nice video chef florin  :))
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that WR realy used APS on you? kek

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Awesome video 10/10. Enjoyed watching it. 
U know what is missing there........;D

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I heard Tonika stole your build  :police:

There is no one to blame but yourself.

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Very nice bro. Loved the song choice at the begining and gameplay as well. I enjoyed seeing dph barb on forum for a change.

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Good gameplay, probably the only person playing a sage barb properly
And so castles made of sand fall in the sea, eventually...

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Nothing new , you're a barb with the best gameplay in terms of mass pk and very skilled in 1v1's , 3v3's etc , that is , in my opinion. Been waiting for this video since yesterday when you told me haha , Nice video Florin , loved it , watched whole 19 minutes , + i was in video , good job  brother , love you  :normal-4: :normal-4: :normal-8: :normal-48: