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Hey so like. i was playing and noticed that when i clicked "Mystical Eye" for mystics, nothing happened, i ask about it. turns out its been disabled because of people abusing the ability (Mystical Eye + Share the Stealth at the same time, causing crashes on clients) And this brings me to my Next Question/Suggestion. As i now have no Mystical Eye ability, Sins have that Stealth Advantage over me being a mystic. Would it not Be more logical to Remove Share The Stealth instead? Doing that Assassins will keep two stealth Abilities and i will keep the power to seek out invisible enemies provided i have it off cooldown. So just a suggestion to disable Share the Stealth instead. Let me know what you think - Phazic `~.-
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I think the reason why Share the Stealth wasn't removed.. is because its an AOE buff. Meaning people in range in pt can benefit from it. It's used frequently in GM events (BvG, HvH, 2v2 etc). Mystical Eye wasn't a buff. More or less a pot. No flames please.

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Disabled due to it crashing all the players around it constantly on purpose.

Use a stealth pot