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Gear progression through gems

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I've seen a few topics on the forum suggesting ways of gear progression but they always get the same feedback that R8 and Acessories cannot be touched because they're a central part of the server's economy. So what do we have left? Gems, tomes and Avatar cards.

I would like to suggest the implementation of more powerful gems because they can be applied to any existing gear, be it R8 or Dragon, and the current gems are so cheap that i don't think people would mind losing them.


30 ~ 40 Vit                gems
4 ~ 5 Crit % Chance  gems
7-8% Channeling      gems

At.Lv and Def.Lv gems unbalance the gameplay so they should be kept out

Obs1: If i'm making a mistake, i'm very sorry. I just wanted to share the idea that's all. ^-^
Obs2: Sorry for the bad english.  :-[

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30-40 vit after the cape got put a vit requirement, psy's don't need more free crit, -3 ct rune was denied therefore having more free channeling from stones is out of the question
you didn't think this through in the slightest

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wont happen bud sorry