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Add Muslim Customs

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Ah..um.. hi!

this post is so serious and sensitive

i am a muslim guy and i have rights, lets just get to it

- add Hijab Head-Fashion

- make sure that all PvP pots are Halal

- remove the Pork  item from the game, its suspicious

- add green/black Nation Wars flags

- make 5 maintenances a day so we can have time to pray

- when Ramadan comes change the server from PvP to PvE because killing is Haram

- add Muslim Marriage system

muslim guys are allowed to marry four women
so let male characters are able to marry three more females
it comes with many benefits this way

1- four marriage rings.

2- can use the marriage blessing 4 times a day.

3- ez chi whenever you want.

4- carrying more than a girl when you go afk.

5- if you marry 4 clerics, dude you wont even die.

6- more marriage quests = more ec.

7- if one of them is on her days, you wont have to be BORED anymore, just saying.

8- if you are a jealous guy, you can go pk just you with your 4 women.. Harem squads beside CC and DD squads.

9- you can use their characters and alts for Ares.

Al-Salam Alukom
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-1 for obvious reasons.

some of these can't even be implemented w/o CN Dev tools.

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first Europe now epw this is worse than I thought

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nice man..LOL

best game to ever exist

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Rofl I think fmp found his soul mate ecss deeeeee
My man over here breaking up relationships cuz lost 2v2 to gods lmao

ET Stop Chaning My SHT or i'ma ddos you

Get Bullied LuL

Gota love a 'Brother' with a criminal record amiright xD

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There was this little prince with a magic
crown. An evil warlock kidnapped him,
locked him in a cell in a huge tower and
took away his voice. There was a window
made of bars. The prince would smash his
head against the bars hoping that someone
would hear the sound and find him. The
crown made the most beautiful sound that
anyone ever heard. You could hear the
ringing for miles. It was so beautiful,
that people wanted to grab the air. They
never found the prince. He never got out
of the room. But the sound he made filled
everything up with beauty.

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Rofl I think fmp found his soul mate ecss deeeeee

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I don't remember when I laughed so much at a forum post. + for imagination, - for sexism. 

But why can't we have hijab head fashion, if some players might feel the need for it? Only for cultural appreciation.

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Is he freaking serious? O.O
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dude you are sick, why the fck you taking this game into regilions? 

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+1 but if there is spam at WC like ALLAHU AKBAR etc,i blame it on u. pinoy ppl are more than enough for spamming in their time zone.  :police: