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Old war avatar S cards

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I believe the new S+ cards were implemented to reduce the amount of equip being scripted but

What about the old S cards?, will their stats remain viable.
The way it is now it seems the old S cards will be scripted with the new S+ cards for defense camp and the new S+ cards just make the attack mode a bit more tankier
for example the longevity card S+(attack +2 phy 180 def +1) ... will still be scripted with the Vanished ancestor card (def +3) for def camp
This sorta applied for most of the other cards.

So I was wondering if the old S cards would remain the same or if their stats would be erased.

and if they are being erased I was wondering if you could convert their stats into warding levels and slaying levels instead so they could be used for pve instead... lotsa people use those cards on alts to add tankablity in ares :X  

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Vanished ancestor card (def +3) for def camp
This sorta applied for most of the other cards.

most other cards ? Just 2 cards worth changing , one being Vanished Ancestor and second one that 2def+10vit card , youll gain 10 vit from that so pretty useless. Only vanished worth switching to.
can just delete / edit those 2 cards perhaps

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The  card set was added to reduce gap between scripters and non scripters
Only 1 card worth changing, one that wont give huge advantage anymore
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I replce my 2 pcs S card for 2 S+ card

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apparently the 2atk+10dex card is also worth switching to (+10dex gain)

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It's now best to NPC them. S card economy is now completely destroyed...  :tiger-12:
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I don't plan on removing or changing the old S cards in any way, they are still useful for some builds.