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You suck.
You get healed more often than the squad lead. 
Thank you, Echo for the avatar and Leo for the sig.

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ey man u died 9 times like an easy.. gf nice video dude


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good video brother i win you GuY  :police:

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good video dude need better title tho like tree or something
teeny weeny string bikini

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Good video Marko , the music was sick , keep it up bro :police:

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Ruthless winnered that PK.
At first it felt like a Montage video of you and me CCING the crap out of them! Good job dude

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can still do better this is newbie edition of how to sin nothing impressive ( I'm better )

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Neat video man  :police:
suddenly the hate on ruthless pk vids stopped?

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suddenly the hate on ruthless pk vids stopped?
Hate?  ??? Went through my latest posts on Ruthless videos and here's the result.  :( I do have commented on the input AE videos have received.  :police:

I should make a compilation of the hate on AE videos instead  :-[

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Nice video. The PK was good at the end but I was late  :tiger-27:
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