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Most people ended up here on Epic just curious where everyone came from and how they ended up here. (Server, Guild) No trash talk on this topic.  Ill start.

Harshland - ? - ?
Vendetta - Sync - 2011 (I was mainly solo on vendetta but Sync was the guild I was in the longest.)
Storm - Salmarnir - 2012
Epic - HangOver/Salmarnir Merge - 2013
Storm - Future (Lead) - 2013
Epic - Artifex and Xpendable - 2014
Epic - Tyrants - 2015
? - ? - 2016

There are lots of side servers that I played (Inception, Phoenix, Mafia)
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My custom skins

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Harshlands/lost city - guilds crimson/yakuza/chinatown 
Vendetta - carebears / guildless alot
Storm ( on and off  ) future 
Epw  artifex /guildless 

And many other severs that last couple days 

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Ive known you for too long

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Archosaur - RogueXXX / Defiance (Aryaale / Altercation if anyone else is from Archo.)
Epic - Rawr / Virus / Warning / Worms / Artifex / ArchEnemy (Everything keeps effing dying when I join)
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[5:00:01 PM] Dylan J: i looked in Cassie bag and all i saw was fashion once
[5:01:21 PM] Mitch: cause real nigas don't need gear or nothing

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Oceania- FrozenSky
Harshlands- TakeAHint, Takoda, Evoke, Mayhem(hacked for years after)
Vendetta- Wargasm
Perfect Town- Spiral, Nostalgia, Warpath
Omega pw- Spiral, Nostalgia
Epic- Shindola, Spiral
PWI(Harshlands again)- HappySock, Nibiru
Epic(again and now)- Ducks, Spiral, OverSeers

always gone by Hiromatsu, CherokeeFury, KungFuHitler, and WalrusKing. but always mained a Hiro
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Fake Perfect World
Eruption (2009 ?)
Hang☆Over (2009 or 2010)

Hang☆Over (2014 - ) (joined other guilds only when leader inactive or following him to other guilds)
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Confusion never stops.

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  • Faction: Ducks
Archosaur - TimesEnd (2012)
Archosaur - Abhorrent (2012)
Vendetta - Hawteez (2012)
Vendetta - Rebellion (2012)
Devastation - Cataclysm (2012-13)
Elite Jogos - Deathdeal (very briefly) (2013)
Epic - Worms (2013)
Storm - Heaven (very briefly) (2013?)
Epic - EPW_Team (2013 - 15)
Epic - Ducks (2015 - 16)

This is nice to how everyone got here.
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PWI: Sanctuary server - 2013-2014

EPW: 2013-Present ; Virtue - Worms - Artifex -Tyrants

MagicPW: 2015 Salmarnir - Destiny

NexusPW: 2015 1st Wipe...Defiance? 2nd wipe-StrawHats 3rd-Savages ... Whales (still #1 baby)

StormPW: 2015 AfterMath - 

                                                                                That's about it '-'
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Ty Mai & Leonora & Erelim
I love seans cum
Nice Melody.

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PWI (DarkerOne | DarkRein | DarkAura)
EpicPW (Wiccan | Destined)

MagicPW (Secret what I did there :p)
HavenPW (Also secret)
NexusPW (Another secret qq)

EpicPW (Tempted | Aftermath | Onslaught | Ducks)


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Oh god, it's been a while uh... Let me try to remember.

PWI, Archo Server - xxShadow 2011-2012? Maybe?
Dropped off the face of the planet because P2W.
EPW, Feb 2014 - Blackswan
EPW - Some random no-name fac
EPW - I think another random fac
EPW - Ruthless
EPW - GodsArmy for a bit, not very long though. That was hilarious, and FMP is adorable.
EPW - Virtue
EPW - Virus
Storm - Virus, for one day
EPW - Archenemy
EPW - My own fac, forgot what I named it
EPW - Virus again

This is a rough guesstimation, and I'm probably off a lot. My memory is terrible, but this covers all of the factions that I really cared about are listed here.

I left a lot of my will to play back in Ruthless, but I'm never going back. Virus was fun for a while, but something happened when we moved to storm. Only reason I'm back there now is because some of my favorite people are still there. 

I think I felt the most at home in AE, though. I really liked it there, but I feel that I'd likely be dead weight now that I rarely play.
Pelnar - Literally Teemo
Hackee - Seeker


Lost city - Conqueror
Sanctuary - Nefarious, Outlaw
Raging Tide - Aurora, Insight
Archosaur - Impulse, Elusive, Ascend
Vendetta - Sync
Epic - Sync, Nohomo, HangOver
Storm - Future, Akatsuki
Nova - Akatsuki
Epic - Artifex, Tyrants


 (Everything keeps effing dying when I join)

sorry about that LMFAO

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Lost City: Essence, Stalkers 
ROTFA: ChillZone and Nightmare
Devastation: HangOver 
EPW: NoHomo, Sync 
Oblivion: Spades, Salvation 
EPW: Ducks, Xpendable
Storm: Future, Akatsuki 
EPW: Worms, Salvation, Good Game, Outcasts every other guild on the server because I can 
other server: HangOver 
Storm: Sync
EPW: Warning, Tyrants

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PWI: RT - Wickedness, QQme
Epic 2013: Overseers, Worms, NoHomo
Epic 2014: Salvation
Epic 2015: GodsArmy, Warning
Magic PW: Chocolate
other server: Defiance/Savages
Storm: Aftermath
Now: Tyrants, AxeGroup/Ducks
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