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Hey everyone, just letting you know that our website's host had a disk failure, so its HDD had to be replaced and system reinstalled.
Unfortunately since the most recent site's backups were stored on same server, the latest forum posts are missing. Also most of your avatars, so you can update your avatar if it's lost.

When it comes to Poetry and Screenshots events, there is few entries gone and we decided to re-open the event threads for 2 more days:
Valentine's Screenshot Contest
Valentine's Poetry Event

Also the patch is on the way and should happen before weekend still. It will be divided by 2 parts (first part: the balance update and second part that will come a bit later with a lot of fashion) =)


thanks for the heads up

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I will miss you , DP

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cant wait gm and ty 

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When are the winners for these events gonna be announced!? 

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>using HDDs


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Welcome to EPW

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When are the winners for these events gonna be announced!?
The events will be open until the 27th, and after that we'll take a few days to judge them. We will try to be as fast as possible.
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Site backup saved on the same server? Should you perhaps ask your service provider to put backups on another server so it actually serves it's purpose? But good that site is up again of course :)

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Rip my art thread..  :'(

Glad website is back though.

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Thank God, wew lad, some of the cancer on the forums was giving me brain damage

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Rip my art thread..  :'(

Glad website is back though.
Same for my contest.  :'(
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